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Heads up! Renewing Your Wix Website Hosting Plan

HELLO to all my incredible website clients!

This is a general check in about renewing your Unlimited Premium Website Hosting plan. For many of you, renewal is a few years down the road, so bookmark this post and it will always be on my blog for your future use.

Here's what you need to know:

  • To prevent service disruptions, your website plan renews automatically using the original form of payment (the credit card you gave me when we connected your website).

  • The renewal charge is attempted 14 days prior to the plan expiration date (anniversary of your purchase).

  • When the time comes to renew your plan, you will receive an email notification (from Wix) 30 days prior to your purchase anniversary.


  • If you think back to when we initially purchased your website plan with Wix, you'll remember that we used a 50% off promo code - yay!

  • Your renewal notice will likely list a renewal rate at the regular price (twice what you paid initially) without the 50% off promo code - boo!

Here's the GOOD NEWS!

There is a workaround to paying full price for your renewal:

  • Connect with Customer Service as soon as you receive the 30 day renewal notice in your email. (You'll need to follow the steps in the customer service form in order to get to the point where a human being will call you!)

  • Let them know you need to renew your site plan and ask if they'll offer you a 50% off promo code to renew your site plan.

  • Sometimes they'll offer you one straight away OR you'll have to wait for there to be a promotion actively being offered on (which occurs every 2 weeks or so) so be on the lookout at

  • Customer service will walk you through the process of un-publishing your site for a few minutes and then publishing again with the promo code.

  • Voila!!

Any questions or issues - connect with me!

Please SUBSCRIBE to my blog for useful tips and advice. I don't post regularly, but when I do it's helpful info! Thanks so much! Meredith

PS. If, for whatever reason, you want to end your website subscription, contact me to turn off the auto renewal option for your Premium plan, so that your plan expires on the expiry date. Thanks!

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