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Professional Photography - Book a "branding" shoot!

So you're considering booking a professional photo shoot? DO IT ... you really won't regret it!! High quality, professional photos are ideal for building your brand, creating a visually pleasing and relevant story, and boosting your business.

Importantly, book a "branding" photo shoot - not just "headshots". Photos in a branding shoot tell your story and give the viewer a behind the scenes look into your passion which is even more important than 'what you sell'! A branding shoot captures the feel and essence of you, your space, and a glimpse into the experience of your service/product. This builds trust, establishes a relationship, and helps set you apart!


Choose a website template first! We'll do this together. This will give you and your photographer an idea of just how many photos you'll need for your site. Choose a COLOR SCHEME for your website - this may be based on your existing logo or one we create together. Choose a STYLE for your website. Professional and right down to business? Funky? Inviting and warm? Do you like light & airy, modern & simplistic, or dark & mysterious? This will have an impact on the photographer you choose and the way they take the photos.

Plan your outfit. You can't go wrong with neutral colors for your base layer (pants/shirt/dress) paired with colorful accessories that include your website colors. Accessories include: sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, shoes, belts, jewelry, ties, etc. These items bring in big pops of color and variation . Wear your hair up AND let it down - again creating variation and a different look.

Importantly, photos of your hands holding items or crossed upon themselves are great ways of varying up the photo shoot. Try unusual angles of you in the moment!

If possible, shoot onsite! If you have a studio or office - try to do the shoot onsite. Make sure the space is clean and inviting. Choose a time when the light is ideal. Get creative with pillows and decorations to add pops of color that go with your website color theme.

It builds trust to give the viewer a glimpse of the experience they'll have in your space - make it inviting and interesting. Make sure to get a photo of the outside of the building and doorway. This will give your clients a visual landmark to look for when they're coming to their appointment. If you don't have a business space or studio - use a site that makes sense for your business!

Engage volunteers. Ask a friend or family member to be a part of your photo shoot. For direct services (like massage, counseling or Reiki) they can serve as a pretend client for in the moment of service photos. This allows you to really create the experience for the viewer. Try and get a shot of you and your client smiling, laughing and simply enjoying the experience together.

Meaningful PROPS! I can't over emphasize the importance of building your brand using lovely photos of things that inspire you - or are part of the client's experience. On the website, we'll use these prop photos to create a story about the client experience.

Examples include:

  • A stack of books that inspire your practice.

  • Tools you use in healings or massages.

  • Yard signs you use in activism.

  • A vase of flowers that go with your color theme.

  • Products you sell.

  • The computer you work on.

  • Decorations, stones, plants, crystals or candles that are set up in your space.

  • Chalkboard, entryway sign, or artwork that welcomes in the client.

  • Your beloved dog in the entryway of your office.

  • Clipboard of your intake form on a table with flowers (see photo below).

Also, make sure your photographer takes photos at varying distances and be sure to provide a good variety of horizontal and vertical shots. I'm happy to talk to your photographer before the shoot to discuss what angles and sizes we'll need.

Lastly, HAVE FUN! If you or your photographer have any questions please call me!

Professional photographers I recommend (and photo credits):

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